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I guess you are idzznew. Welcome Alex, and thanks for stopping by. Work here couldn't be so accurate without the correct results, some of which I was pointed to your site for them. You do an extremely good job on tennisarchives. I really hope we could exchange information, as the ATP site has a few errors in their draws and the correct draws are a must to get the right rankings and correct what was wrong in the original.

Thanks for your welcome! Yes Idzznew is my name at Tennisarchives. Glad you like the site.
Its growing rapidly but still tons of work to be done, and so little time!
We surely can exchange info, look forward to it!

Although I still lack the time to do precise calculations, I took several looks at how bonus points would combine in 1974, and I keep getting too few if I score only by seeding, but interestingly enough, scoring by seeded Top 24 (6-4-2) reaches pretty close.

Still, no way to be 100% sure without a list similar to the Aug 23 rankings Markus procured. Any way we can get one for a random 1974+ rankings date?

Had a bit more time, so I took another look at the 1974 rankings.

Since there is no easier way, I'll have to hard-find the bonus points. I started with players ranked 91-100 in the year-end 1974. I used the following bonus point schema: 6p for momentary 1-8, 4p for momentary 9-16 and 2p for momentary 17-24 (all with the added condition of being seeded for CAT-D or lower) + 1p for unseeded 1-24 at CAT-D or lower.

Surprisingly, 9/10 worked perfectly, and a tenth has a 4p error.

And this is the ranking system I find 99% accurate:

You can follow my progress with 1974 here:

Historic 1974

You will notice everything strange I find (like for instance Brown: he didn't count WCT since he was not part of any group - just like Lloyd for instance, and instead of it he counted 2 tournaments which are not counted for anyone else - Omaha and Jackson. These 2 should not count for anyone, yet, if we take them out, he's nowhere near the correct value for his points).


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