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--- Quote from: Slasher1985 on November 21, 2013, 06:16:59 AM ---

This is a table with the 1974 Year End players calculated with the rules I identified. They match exactly, except Vilas (probably because ATP missed Mottram).

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I took a look and have a comment to this:
3 week after Wimbledon Connors gets 50 points, 10 bonus and 40 tournament points. I think the 10 bonus points belong to 2 weeks later (for Indianapolis). But then what is this 40 points? To which event does it belong?
Could it be an event from the USLTA winter indoor circuit (probably Hampton that Connors won)?

Dear elegos,

Thanks for the kind remarks.

I have 1973 confirmed and 1974 confirmed dates right now. And I have made breakthroughs regarding 1974-1977 bonus system, this time confirming it for good.

I am missing a few tournaments from 1974 though, specifically played by Tom Okker, Harold Solomon, Raul Ramirez and Jan Kodes only, and no other top players. I have found proof they were counted for the rankings.

Alas, the 1968-1972 needs a little redoing, but I'm confident the calendars I have are good for 1973 onwards. They are not from the ATP website. And yes, you are right about that one, the 10 points are from Indianapolis. If you go to MTF, you can see the database there.


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