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How Good Is Nole : Can He Approach 17 Slams

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Clay Death:
how good is nole? how many total slams can he achieve in his career?

can he go after roger`s record of 17 slams?

does nole have the time to accomplish it?

murray does not have the movement of nole and he does not have a forehand with deadly finish power.

roger is getting old and nadal cant keep healthy. and we don't know if nadal has grown too damn complacent since he refuses to improve his game and his fitness.

so what is the true potential of nole? can he hit 17 slams?

negative , 11 slams is too big a gap  :zipped:

11 slams is a really big gap. I assume you're betting on the next generation to never show anything, but I still feel they will emerge eventually.

nah, I don't think so.  17 too late for that. it ain't gonna happen.  Nole will slow down. He made some really bad decisions during 2009/10, changing racquets, trying to change his service motion etc. IMHO, he should have around 9 slams atm, but again 2009/10 ... he was kinda lost

Clay Death:
what if he gets 2 slams this year and 3 next year?
that is 11 all of a sudden and he will be just 27. who can slow him down except himself?
like I said nadal doesn't really want to fight anymore. all I have ever heard from him is lip service and no action since the end of 2010. in fact he said all year long in 2011 that he felt like he was worn out from tennis and that he felt like he had been playing tennis "for 100 years".
so he refuses to improve his game or his fitness.
the jury is out on murray and roger will be 32 this year.


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