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Can Djokovic Overtake The Rivalry With Nadal?

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Clay Death:
thanks general alex.
your contributions are valued also old friend.
 :)) :))


--- Quote from: Alex on April 24, 2013, 09:06:57 AM ---many good points here from CD and Swish. Djokovic became a monster and he still so driven ... I really respect that.

Fed is slowing down, it's normal. I still think he is more than capable of winning another Wimbledon.

As Swish said, Murray is a wild card. you never know with him. now with a healthy Nadal I think he'll be in trouble if those two meet on grass or even on  HC. Nadal is a bad match up for Murray.

Nadal, IMHO will be #2 soon if he stays healthy. His only problem is Djokovic. He can handle anybody else just fine.

--- End quote ---

Djokovic is very hungry, that title at MC has driven him and now he smells blood in the water.
He'll fight like a wild dog from now on.
Nadal has to keep his position on clay, without that he has little else.
This should get interesting going forward.


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