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Can Djokovic Overtake The Rivalry With Nadal?

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Clay Death:
at the current rate nadal`s best bet is to forget about the rankings and forget about the hard courts completely.
he should just shoot for 2 more slams on natural surfaces.
he just spent 7 months on the sidelines because of knee issues and because he did not want to fight and compete.
he lost a part of 2009 to knee isues as well. and then there have been countless other times he has had injuries which have forced him out.
he really cant take anymore risks on hard courts. and his greatest competitive advantage has always been on the natural surfaces anyway.
its best to get some of that back before he loses that too.
he is useless on hard courts anyway. this indian wells was the luckiest title of his career and it means absolutely nothing in the long run scheme of things.
all it did was cost him a title at monte carlo and gave nole a bit of a mental edge for Madrid.

It's a slippery slope.
Once his ranking drops he'll be meeting tougher competition early everywhere and have a better chance of losing everywhere.
He can't just drop the hard courts, he could tank but probably won't.
Djokovic is making strides as far as tournaments won and in most areas now and has no signs of slowing down in the least.
This is the challenge Federer had awhile back with Nadal in 2008 and after that too, he continued on and won more slams, masters, weeks at #1 and added WTF's.

Clay Death:
but hard courts could mean a very quick end to his career. I would not take that chance now.
nadal has exceeded all his expectations and won every slam in sight and also became the greatest clay court player in history.
might as well shoot for 2 more slams on natural surfaces and call it a career. and the way to make that really meaningful is to meet nole in the finals. he is the one nadal has to go after in at least 2 slam finals on natural surfaces.
that would be my challenge at least given the condition of the knees at this point. I mean that is what I would do.
the fact of the matter is that he cant move like he used to. why spend another 7-9 months on the sidelines and finish off the movement and the game completely. next 7-9 month exit will mean the end of his career.
he has really fallen this time. it is going to take a little bit of luck this time to capture the RG crown. nole will be have to be slightly fatigued and off his game.

I think Nadal will play 4-5 more years.
His knees are OK now and with smart scheduling he can rest.
I think Djokovic wants to do as much damage mentally to Nadal as he can before RG, he wants it all from the best.
Nothing would make those wins on clay more valuable.

Clay Death:
excellent thread general swish.
keep up the good work.
 :)) :))


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