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Hi everyone

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Hello everybody! :)
As you all can guess, I am new to this forum.
I am a HUGE fan of tennis, and of RF in particular...
For some reason, I have a preference for one handed backhand (although I am playing it two handed) so I like the likes of Stan Wawrinka, Richard Gasquet or Grigor Dimitrov for example.
I hope we can all be able to interact and exchange.
Have a great day.

Welcome to Tennis4you Audrey  :))
There are several others here who also like RF and one-handed backhands, me included  :)

Hello and welcome!

I'm a RF fan myself though I respect all tennis players just as much. Hope to have great discussions going on here with you. Don't forget to visit our Castle for chats or my Rankings section for number crunching. :gleam:

Clay Death:
welcome to the forums Audrey.
post away and have fun here. we are a small tennis community. I think you will love it here.
100% of the people here are nice, thoughtful, and pleasant.

Welcome to T4U Audrey!

I also used to be a big fan of Roger but decided after last year's Wimbledon title that I'll cheer for Roger only at the Olympics anymore. (Well maybe at Rome and Monte Carlo if he ever plays there anymore.) But I still like him.

And Roger inspired me to learn the one-handed BH, I just prefer it to two-handed BH both when watching and playing.


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