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Full Open Era Rankings ~Volume I~ Dawn of Open Tennis

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This is really great stuff  :))  Seems also my "keeping track of weeks"-project has been made simpler, I only need to find post #1  :lol-sign:


--- Quote from: Litotes on May 09, 2013, 07:36:40 AM ---This is really great stuff  :))  Seems also my "keeping track of weeks"-project has been made simpler, I only need to find post #1  :lol-sign:

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Don't worry, General. You can still back my calculations up to make sure we get it right. ;-()

The next week after Wimbledon, Okker wins the Dublin Open and makes it to the third spot on the rankings, due to his better average. Gimeno already has 5 tournaments, while Okker has only 3. Even in its simplest form, we can clearly see the advantages of the average system. For instance, the more you play in low grade tournaments, the lower your average is, and the possibility of ranking high becomes small. A player needs to win big points in big tournaments to stay on top. Also, we can see that a minimum requirement of tournaments can block a player on a certain position.

Okker cannot possibly pass Laver or Rosewall. Any yet-unranked player winning the US Open will not possibly pass these two players, as the average cannot be higher than 3.750. It's a "protection" for top players and more hard work for lower ranked players to get the number 1 world ranking.

Continuing from where we left off, Drysdale wins the tournament in Gstaad and Okker gets the final, improving his average to 4.5. His third position is now guaranteed into the first Open Era US Open.

1968 was still full of surprises and the first of many open battles of this new era. John Newcombe was set to come into the stage as Hamburg was ready to unfold. Functioning from 1892, this tournament was using a 3/5 sets system and was giving out prize money close to $20000. Clearly a high tournament, but Laver and Rosewall were missing.

The semifinals are a clear gateway for Nikola Pilic and Bungert to show their skills in the Open Era. While Pilic was seeded 3rd, Bungert had to get rid of 4th seed, Robert Maud to reach this stage. The two of them will be facing the two eventual finalists of the tournament Drysdale and Newcombe. Drysdale had already produced a great surprise when defeating the second seed, Tony Roche in very short 3 sets, but faced a 5 setter against Bungert. Newcombe's task was slightly easy, and the Aussie kept fresh enough in the final to win the tournament in straights.

This win propels Newcombe into Top 5. The 24 year old is set for the US Open with confidence. The finalist, Cliff Drysdale now gets into the Top 10 (out of 78 players for now), while Pilic also makes a considerable jump into the yet-young rankings table.

US Open is just around the corner. Will Laver manage to maintain his top position, or will he take a break? :)

I have added images with the episodes already presented in this wonderful journey. :)


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