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Full Open Era Rankings ~Volume I~ Dawn of Open Tennis

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This will continue from New York WCT (which is now in the OP). We've had the first 49 weeks of the Open Era. The rest will follow soon.


As the first WCT tour was under way, Laver and Roche will dispute matches, creating one of the greatest tennis rivalries of the Open Era. Their first meeting in this calendar section would be Miami, unranked because of the fact that it was an 8-Draw. Roche is the winner of the Miami final by 6-3 9-7 6-4. They would meet again at the beginning of March in another WCT event at Oakland, Roche winning again, this time 4-6 6-4 11-9. After this, with Roche not participating at the next event, Laver wins Los Angeles WCT while Roche gets ready for the larger draw of New York.

The New York WCT finds Roche defeated in the semifinal by Gimeno. Gimeno would eventually win the tournament after a long final against Ashe, 6-1 6-2 3-6 6-8 9-7. However, even this earlier defeat is enough to put Roche on the third world spot. Gimeno gets the 6th after the tournament.

Laver was already on his way towards the more prestigious WCT event in Johannesburg, stretching across 2 weeks, from April 1st to April 12. The two semifinals there would be pitting against each other Laver vs Drysdale and Roche vs Okker. Roche's activity in recent months has taken its toll and he is forced to withdraw due to an injured shoulder, Okker advancing into the final. Laver's match against Drysdale plays 4 very-short sets 6-1 1-6 6-1 6-2. Okker doesn't manage to win any set in the final, and Laver consolidates his top position once more.

Finally, on the 52nd week of the Open Era, the first edition of the Monte Carlo Open is held, with a prize money pot of only $5000. Okker is top seed and wins the tournament from this pole-position spot, 8-10 6-1 7-5 6-3 against Newcombe. Newcombe's final here takes him to the 6th spot, while Okker drops one position as his average has enough lower-tier tournaments.

The top 10 on the Monday of the first anniversary of the Open Era are:

--- Code: ---# Name Age Cnt Pts Avg
1 Rod Laver 30 AUS 73 8.111
2 Ken Rosewall 34 AUS 45 5.625
3 Tony Roche 23 AUS 36 4.000
4 Arthur Ashe 25 USA 30 3.750
5 Tom Okker 25 NED 44 3.667
6 John Newcombe 24 AUS 24 3.000
7 Andres Gimeno 31 ESP 33 2.750
8 Clark Graebner 25 USA 22 2.750
9 Cliff Drysdale 27 RSA 21 2.625
10 Richard Pancho Gonzales 40 USA 24 2.400

--- End code ---

And here are the streaks at World Number 1 until now:

--- Code: ---1. Ken Rosewall - 29.04.1968 - 10 weeks
2. Rod Laver - 08.07.1968 - 9 weeks
   Ken Rosewall(2) - 09.09.1968 - 21 weeks
   Rod Laver (2)* - 03.02.1969 - 12 weeks

--- End code ---

 :worthy: your knowledge and ability to do good research is just unbelievable, hard to believe that you know so much by your young age.

This is an amazing project, keep up the good work.


As tournaments begin to drop out for players, gradually adjusting their averages, the Australian domination of the beginning of the Open Era is set to add a new name to the list. Already having the top three spots in the world rankings, and a fourth player in the top 10, they are ready to take on the first edition of the Rome Open, future prestigious tournament of the tour.

Newcombe's road to the semifinal is easy enough, the young Australian dropping only one set. On the other side of his semifinal, there is Jan Kodes who faced tougher opposition against local player Pietrangeli than seeded top player Roger Taylor and Arthur Ashe. On the other semifinal, Tom Okker (who faced off against Tiriac and Stolle conqueror, Stillwell for this spot) will face none other than the top seeded player (in Laver's and Rosewall's absences) Tony Roche.

Both semifinals end up in epic 5-set grueling wins for the two Australians, Newcombe winning by 6-3, 4-6, 6-1, 7-9, 6-3 and Roche by 4-6, 4-6, 7-5, 12-10, 6-3. The all-Australian final will see Newcombe as victor and again in a 5-set clash, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2, 5-7, 6-3. It's Newcombe's second counted open tournament win, yet he also won the second edition of Bournemouth, and 8-Draw tournament.

The top 10 on the Monday just before Roland Garros now are:

--- Code: ---# Name Age Cnt Pts Avg
1 Rod Laver 30 AUS 67 8.375
2 Ken Rosewall 34 AUS 37 4.625
3 Tony Roche 24 AUS 36 4.200
4 Arthur Ashe 25 USA 30 3.875
5 Tom Okker 25 NED 44 3.692
6 John Newcombe 24 AUS 24 3.556
7 Cliff Drysdale 27 RSA 21 2.875
8 Clark Graebner 25 USA 22 2.750
9 Andres Gimeno 31 ESP 29 2.636
10 Richard Pancho Gonzales 41 USA 23 2.556

--- End code ---


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