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Nadal playing in Basel

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It was just posted on MTF. I think his scheduling is bizarre. why would he play there, indoor HC, his weakest surface. He is not getting any endorsement money as far as I know .... Fed doesn't either this year (getting endorsement money). I know that top guys have to play 4 500 events a year, but why Basel? could anybody enlighten me?

Because he's Nadal. He doesn't back down from a challenge. He's not going to run and hide from hard court tourneys. He's gonna face em like a champ.

Novak played it before. So it's good that Nadal is playing. He has no points to defend the 2nd  half so all these tournaments are gravy for him.

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Clay Death:
nadal the blundering buffoon of the highest bloody order.
another 7 month layoff is in the cards. then he can go cry some more about his knees.
only people stopped listening to his bullcrap 3 years ago.
now nobody gives a damn.

Good for Nadal, now pass the beans.  :)~


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