Author Topic: 7 best single handed backhands in the game at the moment  (Read 3403 times)

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Re: 7 best single handed backhands in the game at the moment
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in fact total rubbish.
single hander is a primitive tool at best in the modern game.
no way in hell can a single hander withstand heat for 4-5 hours on any surface against those who are considered the best baseliners in history.
both nole and nadal--at their best--are machines who can pound your weaker wings for 3-5 hours if they have to.
that will and does tire out your arm if you are hitting single handers.
like I said before if you have not played the game at a high level and do not own a great topspin backhand then you are not going to be able to appreciate what roger or any other player who has a single handed backhand has to go through under constant pressure.
also what fool would attack roger`s forehand? he has the greatest forehand in history.
it turns out that roger also has the best single handed topspin backhand in history. only it is the weaker wing relative to his forehand. it does not quite have the finishing power his forehand has.
at some point his arm gets tired from hitting those heavy topspin balls and that is when the errors start to flow.

single hander simply has too many variables and your arm will get tired from hitting backhands for 3-4 hours.

those who hit doubles handers do not have that problem.

You say that, yet look at all the biggest winners in the game. Single handed BHs, almost every one of them. One-handers aren't weaknesses in themselves. Many people would attribute the best BH to either Gasquet or Fed. Both have one-handed BHs. And you say they can't, yet both Gasquet and Wawrinka can. Look at the epic AO match between Djoker and Wawrinka. Waw was still hitting wicked BHs near the end.

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