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7 Greatest Serves On the ATP Tour At The Moment

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Clay Death:
7 best serves on the planet. what does your own list look like?

you have the floor. have at it and have fun.

 :)) :))

i will fire off my own list:

1. nole
2. roger
3. isner
4. milos
5. almagro

i need 2 more. i will add those tomorrow. any suggestions?

Herc, I'd say that Nole and Fed are smart servers, but far from be the best. Karlovic, Isner, Raonic are better ... they are just not as smart. serving is not all about the power ...  :)

Best singular serve, or best overall serving? Because if it's best singular serve, I'd put Karlovic at the top. But if it's overall serving, Isner. Isner's second serve has fierce power and ridiculous kick on it.

Clay Death:
best serve is one which helps you win matches as well.
can you take care of your serve in the clutch when you absolutely have to hold?
what do your results look like? how dependent are those results on your serve?

Okay, in that case:

1) Isner
2) Raonic
3) Almagro
4) Djokovic
5) Querrey
6) Tsonga
7) Federer

7's a rather random number. Any specific reason you went for 7 instead of, say, 5 or 10? Just curious.


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