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I wish there was some way of listening to music while you play tennis. I reckon it would help me play better.  :)

I tried it in high school, I sucked at it.

I have a hitting partner who brings a radio to the court with her.  She plays it on her side of the court.  I do not mind it.

I have an MP3 player and listen while I hit on the wall to loosen up before my day! I love it and wish I could listen while I teach!

Now that would be fun!

I guess listening to it while you give lessons would be a distraction to those taking the lesson, bummer...

When you going to start a Corfu thread Phil?  Keep us posted on what's new.

every year before regionals and state tennis matches we would listen to some heavy music i think it was good for when i play doubles cause i get pumped and get to the net and put my volleys away also it gets my partner psyched too but for singles it seems that i can go out there are psyched up cause i'll over hit and lose my composure


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