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Predict-a-Match Mutua Madrid Masters 1000 (Freak3yman84 wins!Congrats)

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Orange Wombat:
I will add up everything tomorrow

R2: Gasquet def Gimeno Traver in 2 sets, 4 breaks of serve
Simon def Chardy in 3 sets, no tiebreaks

R2: Federer def. Stepanek in 2 with 6-3 in the final set
Tsonga def. Haase in 2 with no tiebreaks

R1: Wawrinka def. Copil, 2 sets, 1hr25 minutes
R1: Paire def. Souza, 2 sets, no tiebreaks

R2: Federer def. Stepanek 2-0, no TBs
Djokovic def. Dimitrov 2-0, last set 6-2


wawrinka def. Giraldo in 2 sets, last set 6-4
Tsonga def. Haase in 2 sets, last set 6-3


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