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2013 Roland Garros is beyond reach for Djokovic and Co.

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Clay Death:
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--- Quote from: Start da Game on May 04, 2013, 01:57:45 PM ---novak fans, drop the thought of witnessing another career grandslam this year, right ain't gonna get it! just be prepared for the inevitable so that you can avoid disappointment later.......


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Vamos General Shanks!!!
It's good to hear your doing fine, I thought you may have got derailed by a woman.
I don't need to tell you what kind of trouble that can be.  :smartie:
Things are heating up now and tension is high.
I heard on the bus today that Djokovic is looking for Nadal so he better watch his back.  :)&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;

Clay Death:
welcome back general shanks.
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the official word on the street: clay death the destroyer is not happy with the clay warrior.

I really see no reason why Nole can't beat Rafa at RG. I can almost see more reasons for why Rafa can't beat Nole.

Peak Nole owns Rafa on every surface just like peak Rafa owns Roger on every surface and peak Roger owns Nole on every surface.

Yeah, playing at RG is a mental advantage for Rafa. But before this year you could say Rafa owns Monte Carlo. And what happened? Nole beat Rafa at MC final. The same can happen at RG too. Nole isn't afraid of Rafa.

Of course, RG is Bo5, M1000s are Bo3. But I don't see that as an advantage for Rafa, Nole has the fitness Bo5 requires, I'd be more worried about Rafa's fitness after his seven-month break. If Nole does better than Rafa in Rome, then he's the obvious favourite.

Rafa is going to be seeded 5th; and so if he goes through to the quarters and Djokovic goes through also - they will met there! That means Murray and Federer have good chance of winning the French since the winner of Rafa or Nole will be very, very tired.


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