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Madrid Masters ATP + WTA 2013

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I'm sure the Robson admirers are waiting for this one:

Madrid 2013.R1.Robson.ARadwanska.Eng.From4-3.avi

hi sdede would it be possible to upload BARTOLI V TORRO FLOR please

Yes, I know, everyone's waiting, so am I  :whistle:

The files are large so take a while; right now I'm uploading Djoker and Maria. I have R2 Fed and Murray waiting.

@jamespetros, if I find it, you'll have it, but for some reason there are many men's matches, and few women.

Cut you please upload the matches on youtube

Thank you

Hi sdede,I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to upload the full Ivanovic v Robson match from yesterday please?I would be very grateful :)


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