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2013 ATP Masters & WTA Premier 5 Rome (13-19 May)

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Clay Death:
great work general august.
I like foro italico so much. I always have.
there is tremendously rich tennis history here.
we are on to foro italico then.
 :)) :))

Gulbis gets a win.
Jerzy up next against Giraldo.


--- Quote from: Babblelot on May 12, 2013, 10:52:00 AM ---Isner has got to get out of 1R on clay. It's a pretty good surface for him.

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--- End quote ---

No one told him that! Lol

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Clay Death:
isner used to be pretty good on clay.
what the hell happened?

Clay Death:

--- Quote from: August on May 11, 2013, 11:36:59 AM ---

My favourite Masters series event even if I don't particularly like clay but the Italian Open is such a traditional event.

Draws are here:


Anybody surprised Rafa landed in Ferrer's quarter? Well, I guess most of us are surprised that Rafa landed in Nole's half preventing a Nole-Rafa final. So seems like a good chance for Roger, Tsonga, or DelPo to make the final.

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that is an amazing tennis court. it is one of my favorite centre courts.

poor ferru. he has lost at least 7 clay finals to nadal.
he just cannot get away from nadal. and now nadal is going to be slightly better in rome than he was in Madrid.


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