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Early 2013 Wimbledon speculations

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In all the years when Madrid has hosted a clay Masters, Madrid ATP champion has won also Wimbledon that year. Also, the previous two years' Madrid WTA champs have won Wimbledon. Maybe Madrid was a bit slower this year but why not already speculating a bit about Wimbledon?

This year I say Madrid WTA champ is more likely to win Wimbledon than ATP champ. I see nobody beating Serena at Wimbledon. But unless Rafa improves massively (what I doubt), he would be one of the worst Wimbledon champs ever.

I think Nole is the favourite for Wimbledon, he's the best player in the World and recent years' best grasscourters Federer, Murray, and Nadal haven't been too impressive recently. Yeah, Murray was bad on clay also last year but was then brilliant on grass. But Roger is worse than in years. Tsonga might be dangerous at Wimbledon, he's in a good form, his game suits very well to grass, and he isn't afraid of big names. With all big names being not 100%, I feel this might be a great chance for him to win a slam.

Funny you posted this, because I was just about to start US Open speculation!!

I'm beginning to wonder who's going to take the YEC.

Well, the Big 4 should have a fork in them by 2020, so maybe we should speculate about which of the post-modern-post-new generation-young guns will win Wimbledon after the Big 4 are past their prime. 

Del Potro is going to shock the world, again!!!


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