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ATP to have 2000+ ranked players

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Times have indeed changed since the very first computer rankings.

Next Monday, ATP will have 2001 players ranked for the first time. It is a tremendous milestone in my book. The first ATP player to be ranked below 2000 will be James Junior Storme, who's gonna be 2001.

Maybe this thread should also be created on MTF with my blessings.

Clay Death:
impressive stuff general slasher.
that is great news indeed.
 :)) :))

FreakyGOAT > CD:
Interesting!  :))

If you have a source, I can make a thread about it on MTF  :)~

Clay Death:
general slasher the invincible doing the sport of tennis a great service as usual.
 :)) :))


--- Quote from: Freak3yman84 on May 21, 2013, 06:32:16 PM ---If you have a source, I can make a thread about it on MTF  :)~

--- End quote ---

What do you mean source? The source is my live rankings. But I don't think you follow or trust those that much, and MTF doesn't deserve this anyway.

BTW, the bolded part was a joke.

Trust me, you don't need a source, the live system has not been wrong at the number of ranked members in more than 30 weeks. :)~


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