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RG 2013 R2: Rafael Nadal [3] vs. Martin Klizan (Who will win?)


Sounds like an intriguing second round match for Rafa. Probably not as much trouble as Brands was, but Klizan can really bring good tennis to the clay. Who will win?

FreakyGOAT > CD:
Nadull in 3

Nadal in three, or four on a bad day.

Klizan in straight sets/.. 6-1..6-2..6-3..  :)~

trolling asides,
Nadal in 3 sets with one set going 7-5 or 7-6 :)

I honk losing that first set woke Nadal up. He'll win the rest of his matches easily.  So finish this discussion in the official French open thread!

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