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RG R1: Tsonga def Nieminen 7-6 6-4 6-3

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Orange Wombat:
Seems like the most interesting Round 2 match. Will Nieminen's court smarts and defense prevail over Tsonga's brute power?

I say Tsonga in 4, simply because he can hold serve easy while Nieminen cannot.

Discuss. I will edit the title when the match finishes.

Tsonga in 3, but this isn't the most interesting R2 match in my opinion.

Clay Death:
jarkko the sharko is quite tough actually.
i would not be surprised if it went 4-5 sets

FreakyGOAT > CD:
Mr. Willy in 4

Tsonga to win comfortably. Most likely in three, perhaps in four.


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