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Good day, eh?

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Hello out there!  :))

I'm Katarina, you can call me Kat, I'm from Toronto, Canada. I seem to recognize many usernames here from around the "online tennis community." Some have even invited me here.  :cool:

I think I'm already on too many tennis forums and spending too much time online  :rofl_2: But what the heck, I'll join in here and see how it goes.

My favourite player is Federer.  :) I also like: Djokovic, Ferrer, Raonic, Dimitrov, Wawrinka, ... some other people, but Fed is #1 :king: by a big margin.

(post didn't feel right without a waving smiley; and I found one that matches your existing set!)

Welcome Kat!  :cool: Good to have you, no doubt you''ll love it here  ;-()

Clay Death:
welcome to the forums kat.
sorry i was not able to respond earlier. i had been out most of the day.
i am only now seeing your intro post.
you are welcome at the castle. please feel free to come and go there as you please.
you will know most of the people there: javi, masterclass, lugburz, betty, Feldman, nikki, and so many others post there.
take care and we will see you soon.
 :)) :))
and by the way we have a few Canadians here. you will meet them eventually.
emma is from Canada and so is alex.

Hi Kat! Nice to see you here too  :))

Orange Wombat:
Welcome!  :) I saw you lurking a while back. Visit the Chat Thread, the best Ye Olde Castle of any tennis community and of course the tennis discussions section, which needs some growth.


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