Author Topic: Can Nadal Hit 10 RG Crowns  (Read 1963 times)

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Re: Can Nadal Hit 10 RG Crowns
« Reply #20 on: June 27, 2013, 08:57:50 PM »
these early losses like the one at Wimbledon and maybe even one at the u.s. open, if it happens, will most likely force him to concentrate even harder on the slam that he can win which is RG.
also these early losses will keep his knee from getting worse. he can then go all out on the clay circuit.
that seems to be the only thing that is working for him now anyway. it may well be the best formula for continued success and longevity in the sport.
his movement is not what it used to be. no need to spread yourself too thin.
if you cant win Wimbledon or the u.s. open then why not continue dominating the red clay.
I have a feeling that #9 at RG will come a lot easier than 8th one. he was not quite sure of himself.
also he wont be coming in with a 7 month layoff.
he could have taken down nole in straights at RG but started to flounder a little bit. he took the first set and he was up a break in the 2nd. he started to lose his concentration and ended up giving away the 2nd set.
he then took the 3rd set 6-1.
again he had his chances to finish him in the 4th.
bottom line: if red clay is all he can dominate then that is what he is going to go after. only with much more fury and much more focus going forward. that is where his greatest competitive advantage lies anyway.
so you take what you can.
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