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The FUTURE of women's tennis!


Ok, so she is only 3 1/2 and has never touched a racquet, but she is demoing her outfit for her 2016 Wimbledon debut.

Also check out the picture she drew below.  Although she said it was a "chicken", it looks like an abstract tennis ball to me!

Very cute.  What do you mean it looks like a tennis ball.  It looks like a chicken to me.  Hopefully, we will see her on the pro circuit in no time.  Hey, Brad Gilbert seems to be available as a coach.

Damn you chicken karma!

Good point about Brad, I will give him a call, oh wait, anyone have his number?

Looks like those Penn 2-tone balls.  You might have the next Serena there Scott.  You gonna start getting her to hit chickens soon?

I would say next summer when she has just turned 4 I will try to get her out there and see if she likes it.  She has an insane amount of energy so I doubt she will keep her focus long.  I never did either.


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