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nadal loss revisited : various theories are popping up

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Clay Death:
why did he really lose to a player who is not in his class?
you can expect it once in a lifetime like it happened against rosol last year but not 2 years in a row at a slam where he has made no less than 5 finals and won 2 crowns.
and in the process he beat the greatest grass court player of all time in his very prime as he did there in 2008.

so what exactly is going on with nadal? what are your own thoughts?

lets revisit this loss.

you have the floor. have at it.

Clay Death:
some are saying that he expended simply too much energy winning all those clay events and especially the RG crown.
I am not buying that. of course he made a major production of his match with nole at RG. he could have won that in straights or 4 sets.

An upset occurs in a competition, frequently in electoral politics or sports, when the party popularly expected to win (the favorite), is defeated by an underdog whom the majority expects to lose, defying the conventional wisdom. The underdog then becomes a giant-killer. one sees an "upset" coming.  It just happens sometimes. The 'favorite' can't win every time! When an upset happens, you just need to move on and get ready for the next tournament.

Clay Death:
tennis is a brutal sport dallas.
I still maintain that the root cause of all his troubles--even the knee issues--- the last 3 years is complacency and failure to improve.
he failed to improve after 2010. that is what is compounding his knee issues and compromising his chances at majors.
he rules RG with an iron fist but even there his supremacy is going to start to erode unless he makes some drastic changes in his fitness and his training.

OK...whatever.  I just think some of Nadal's fans (including you) are just too hard on him.  I mean, look at everything the guy has accomplished!!!! He's had an amazing career, but if I didn't know any better...after reading some of what you all (his fans) write about him - I would think he was a nobody or something! :rofl_2:  I mean...I can't remember when I read something really "good" about Nadal from you -- and you're suppose to be his fan! :rofl_2:  Wow...can't believe I'm defending Nadal! ..-)


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