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Flushing Meadows Corona Park Open Air 2013 U.S. Open Chats

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Clay Death:

u.s. open is closer than you think. this whole year is going by so fast. lets get this party started.

we are having flushing meadows corona park open air 2013 u.s. open chats. join in on the fun.

who do you think is the heavy favorite now that you have seen them all in action on various surfaces.

I have got to believe that andy murray will be the heavy favorite to defend his title. especially if he can capture the Wimbledon crown.

what about roger and nadal after what happened at Wimbledon? don't they have something to prove?

tsonga, berdych, jerzy, and del potro are going to want the spotlight as well.

Clay Death:
even with Wimbledon still in question, here are my own favorites for the title in new York:
1. andy murray
2. roger
3. nole
4. del potro
we will make nadal the dark horse there.

Excellent thread General, keep them coming :)  :cool:

Janowicz will surprise...


Clay Death:
thanks general masterclass.
the talk is quickly turning to the next slam and the last slam of 2013.
lot of sports fans from around the globe are wondering if roger and nadal will put on a show there just to prove a point.
they were both left out at Wimbledon.

General Herc and General Masterclass are getting old and delusional  :)~. The Emperor decided to demote you both. You new rank is called 'corporal'.
there is only One, The chosen One ... the King of Kings ... The Emperor Novak Cesar Djokovic. The sooner you except the reality the better you'll feel. 

The Emperor has spoken to me today.
General Alex, Admiral of the Fleet of The Emperor Djokovic

p.s. Emma, get some milk and pizza on your way home, kids are hungry ... and get me some smokes too  :rasta:


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