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Flushing Meadows Corona Park Open Air 2013 U.S. Open Chats

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Dang it, Litotes beat me to the punch! I was gonna mention Rafter as well. Yeah, Rafa is doing a good job of keeping the time at regulation. He still gets time violations here and there, but continues to show off his mental toughness by not being affected by them (I think he's won the next point every time he's gotten one, many times with an ace) while others like Nole seem to get a little rattled when they happen.

US Open preview  :))


--- Quote from: monstertruck on August 18, 2013, 09:14:15 PM ---
--- Quote from: Rafa816 on August 17, 2013, 01:46:08 AM ---Federer played INFINITELY better tonight than he has recently, so he's back in the conversation for this title! But I'd say after how the events have gone recently, Rafa would have to be the favorite.

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He is certainly smackin' the snot outta the ball on the FH wing.
His deceptive serve continues to be an effective set-up shot.
He continues to play well at the regulation pace of 20 secs between points.
Certainly a bit more enjoyable to watch from my perspective. :)

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Agreed.  ;-()

Clay Death:
massive win for rusty tonight.
congrats to rusty and his fans.
 :)) :))

Hewitt sure can take the piss out of a player if they're not on top of their game.  Apparently DPot still has some work to do in the fitness department and perhaps the wrist isn't as fully healed as we were led to believe.  Or so the chatterboxes were saying during the match...... :whistle:


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