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Flushing Meadows Corona Park Open Air 2013 U.S. Open Chats

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Clay Death:
 :)) :))


--- Quote from: Alex on July 02, 2013, 12:44:14 AM ---General Herc and General Masterclass are getting old and delusional  :)~. The Emperor decided to demote you both. You new rank is called 'corporal'.
there is only One, The chosen One ... the King of Kings ... The Emperor Novak Cesar Djokovic. The sooner you except the reality the better you'll feel. 

The Emperor has spoken to me today.
General Alex, Admiral of the Fleet of The Emperor Djokovic

p.s. Emma, get some milk and pizza on your way home, kids are hungry ... and get me some smokes too  :rasta:

--- End quote ---

Sir Alex, I am not happy with the Serbian Slayer.   :mad1:   

All year he has blown leads when up a break or getting near the end of the match.  Against non-top 10 guys it hasn't cost him a whole lot, but when he gets to the business end, he can't do that against the top guys without getting burned.  :hammer:

I don't know if he thinks he can just coast to the finish, or if he gets tight, or if he is feeling generous and just insists on giving other players a chance to get back in the match.

Let's continue to see what happens at Wimbledon.   :Boxing:

Captain masterclass

Clay Death:
and I am not happy with the clay warrior. unless he gets his sorry, lazy ass on clay ASAP he is headed for another first round or second round loss at the next slam.
I would think that now he has something to prove.

Clay Death:
with the way roger and nadal are dropping in the rankings, are there any other possible semifinal scenario other than the usual "big 4" that we had become accustomed to?
nole and murray have to be loving this. no longer do they have to worry about getting chewed up by roger and nadal.
nadal seems least interested in working on his game and his fitness and it shows.

to be honest with you, I think that  Ferrer is the one who is benefiting the most from a Fed/Rafa slump. There is even a scenario that he could be ranked #2 after Wimbledon  :shocking:


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