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American Men: You are now on the clock!

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While Murray's win today ends a 77 year drought for British men at Wimbledon, 2013 US Open will mark the 10th anniversary of Andy Roddick's only major title and the last for American men.

Bab's pick to return glory to Old Glory is...

Jack Sock

20 years old
Big game righty with the best backhand the US has produced since Andre Agassi. That's not saying much :)

Has a better head about him than Harrison.

Already owns a grand slam trophy, 2011 US Open md with Melanie Oudin.

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It could be quite a wait as it will take any of these up and comers awhile to mature.

That's why my pick is Sock. By the time he's matured, Murray and Djokovic will be 31, Fed and likely Rafa will be gone. As will Berdych, Tsonga, et. al.

We're looking at Dimitrov and Janowicz.

Future is bright. :)

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Sock kinda reminds me of Roddick, although I did watch only one match when he faced Haas.

Good game, and great potential for murika.


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