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American Men: You are now on the clock!

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Orange Wombat:
35 year old Michael Russel, the future of American tennis, is in the SF of Newport. And guess who isn't  :)


--- Quote from: Orange Wombat on July 12, 2013, 09:16:02 AM ---35 year old Michael Russel, the future of American tennis, is in the SF of Newport. And guess who isn't  :)

--- End quote ---
You're not very funny Mister. :mad1:
It's a sad state of affairs indeed.
One by one, the hopefuls have fallen by the wayside.
Querry & Isner being the most recent.
The system here in the states is broken with no apparent fix in site.
The USTA, is slow to recognize and react, and is way behind the curve compared to other parts of the world.
It will take someone like Mike Agassi or Richard Williams to take the reins and drive another thoroughbred player to the top.  Who will be that man?
Does he even exist in America anymore?

Remember, DY's parents told the USTA to eff off. That didn't go so well. But I couldn't agree more, the USTA blows. I really don't like PMac but he's new at this gig. Let's see if he got the memo. To their credit, they made the Orange Bowl clay.

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*Jared Donaldson - 16 y/o - righty - reports are he's about 6'2" (cannot verify) :thumbs-up:

--- Quote ---(From 2012 article)
What is far from fashionable is for an American junior to go abroad to train and develop their game. That, however, is just the approach that Jared Donaldson is taking to improve his chances for a future in the pros.

The 15-year-old hails from Rhode Island -- a state not really known for developing champion tennis players, although the elegant International Tennis Hall of Fame is headquartered in the Atlantic Coastal resort town of Newport. Donaldson, from Chepachet, a small town on the Connecticut border, realized that cold weather and indoor tennis was not going to enhance his tennis chances, so he now primarily lives in Buenos Aires.

--- End quote ---

Interesting. Nice that SOMEONE decided to change things up and see what happens.


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