Author Topic: Blame Djokovic's Obstinacy for the loss !!  (Read 594 times)

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Blame Djokovic's Obstinacy for the loss !!
« on: July 07, 2013, 10:48:21 PM »
Yesterday, while watching the match after it has played for sometime for one to understand each player's game plan, it was obvious that Djokovic was in full defensive mode. Murray too was playing quite defensively but with occasional spurts of aggression. With rallies going 20+ its really testament to the homogenization of the surfaces. If there was a way you can digitally paint the court with the blue of Australian Open no one will guess they were playing on grass. However, the point is, it was obvious that the full blown defensive game plan was not working for Djokovic. Most of his balls were dropping just on the service box while he was trying to maneuver Murray. He didn't seem to get it that Murray is a good mover and can get most balls back provided they were not struck deep and hard. And that was what Djokovic was exactly doing. After the end of the first set, one would imagine Djokovic had understood and will be willing to change his approach a little bit even not to the extreme to serve and volley occasionally but start being aggressive. Well, he loitered in the area that proved inefficient and it was there that he died !!
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Re: Blame Djokovic's Obstinacy for the loss !!
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2013, 12:03:17 AM »
Djokovic looked out of it from the start, maybe too much sex the night before.  :king:
He missed so many shots, some fairly easy and his game never came around as it sometimes does.