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Happy 8th Anniversary, Babblelot, Dallas, Jamesd, and Chris!!!!

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Wow! 2005 Women!  err, uh...

Justine Henin was awesome! or sick with that fatigue illness. Call it mono.

Serena and Venus were awesome or injured.

Hmmm...2004 was the year of the Russian women, so that doesn't count.

Patty Schnyder! Hot!

I think Kim finally won a slam, USO.

I think this was Venus def. Davenport in OT at Wimbledon

Other 2005 notables:
The words "chokefest" and "Fedtard" were invented.

2005 will be remembered as the year no one won or lost a match, someone choked!!!!

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Quite a few of you. Congrats all.
I remember Dallas posting from work all those pictures of Fed.  :rofl_2:

My how things have changed! Lol

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