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Re: Emma, is this you?
« Reply #120 on: August 18, 2014, 02:07:20 AM »

Nekro, I'm sorry and it really breaks my heart ...

I simply tend to deal with problems in my life by being sarcastic and stupid sometimes. I make fun of my favorite player Mizz pregnant Djokovic. I make fun of Nadal. I make fun of myself too  :)

As I mentioned to you before, I make fun of everyone being silly. I can't stand what's happening in the Middle East, all of this sh-it between Russia and Ukraine .... Israel and Palestine.

I have very good friends who are Arabs, East Indians, Asians ... they are very smart people. We call each other names ... it's fun for us and it's also our way of protesting about stupidity in the world ... white, yellow, black, brown, green, purple ... who gives a s**t?

I guess, I crossed the line with Princess Emma, but I was just joking ... she called me a **** so many times  :). I was laughing. Oh, well  :).
Listen Alex, i'll tell it as it is, no matter how harsh... and maybe Emma will hate me even more for it, but this is the plain truth...: women need hugs, kisses, gentleness, and a little bit of d*ck from time to time, i saw she's now on CD's site, i also saw they were talking s**t about us in like stereo, Emma about you, CD about me, but Emma will see sooner or later too she won't get those basic things a woman needs from CD  and maybe she'll need a rude but Vital young stud like you;)