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You lose when you say: Don't watch

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You don't like what someone's saying and don't know how to express yourself, keep your mouth shut  :zipped:

Tennis fans are such ridiculous primadonnas.  ..-)

Other sports can survive debates of how to change their game, but some tennis fans get so infuriated by the thought they try to end the discussion with, "Don't watch!"

Isn't that what 7 y/os say at the end of their tantrum :crying: :ranting:  DON'T WATCH!!!!

For instance, major NFL football debates
1. more offense vs more defense
2. more passing vs more rushing
3. big hits vs protection
*someone throwing a tantrum could end each debate screaming: DON'T WATCH!!!!

The big one for me is #1. I think the NFL has gone too far with changing rules to favor the offense. The problem is, offense is waaaaaay easier to sell than defense.

I guess I should STOP WATCHING!! football, now, too  ..-)  Man, I bet the T4U peanut gallery would tell me to STOP WORKING!! if I told it about my job.

Maybe it's me, but you guys sound  :zipped:  when you end your posts in this manner. It's saying:
I don't have anything else to contribute so you stop, too.
 :rofl_2: :rofl_2: :rofl_2: ^^^ That's you!  :paper bag: <--- you!


I bet you looked for some -kid in the bubble- smiley but you ended up with....  :paper bag:

You hit the nail on the head again with this thread.
Why are there always ones who are afraid of some constructive criticism, either good or bad.

We are here to talk what we like and dislike/what we would like to change about current state in tennis. Not watching it would get us nowhere.  ..-)

 Babs is ... you are smart sometimes

Maybe Emma and herc can teach you some stuff ...

Don't watch......

Do I miss something?


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