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Hey i am making a videos but all i try is for Rafa becouse it is my favourite you can watch all my videos here.. /playlist?list=PL5353DDB37698D570(type before this) I really want to make a lot of others but i need invite code for i haven't got great videos from yt just pls help me for that i really need my email is jankovandrej@ (move g left to @ i can't post idk why i am new here in this site :) )  .. Check out my videos hope you'll like them and if i registrated on that page i will make a lot of videos trust me !  :)

You have a very nice collection of Rafa Highlights on your website.

Feel free to add the actual address of new publications.

Epic videos with Rafa...
i support you!

Yes, Jankov, extzollo reminded me, please post your matches here or this thread will be deleted (tomorrow!)

For example.....


Just saying you have a website is not helpful....

Okay my new videos - >
RAFAEL NADAL - Amazing Banana Shot vs Harrison (HD) banana shot of Rafa v Harrison from yestrday
RAFAEL NADAL - 2013 Part 2 HD Rafael Nadal 2013 HD part 2 .
RAFAEL NADAL - My City (Roland Garros 2013) (HD) Roland Garros 2013 my city..


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