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Djokovic’s father in astonishing attack on Federer and Nadal

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Novak Djokovic's father has launched a stinging attack on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal - implying the two men are jealous of his son's success.

Djokovic has overtaken both men to became the highest ranked player in the world and his father Srdjan says he has noticed Federer and Nadal's attitude to Djokovic change over the years as his son became more successful

"Federer is perhaps still the best tennis player in history, but as a man he's the opposite," Srdjan told Serbian newspaper Kurir.

"He attacked Novak at the Davis Cup in Geneva (in 2006), he realised that he was his successor and was trying to disparage him in every way. Novak's success is an amazing thing and something that Federer cannot understand."

He was similarly critical of Nadal saying: "He was his best friend while he was winning. When things changed, they were no longer friends. This is not sport."

Djokovic Sr did at least have some kind words for Andy Murray, who beat Djokovic in the Wimbledon final earlier this month.

"I have never, not even for a second, felt jealousy from Andy's family. They cannot be best friends as they fight for the most important titles, and (a) lot of money, but they approach their rivalry in the correct way," he said.

Between them, Djokovic and Murray have won seven of the last 11 Grand Slam titles.

Over that period, Nadal has won three French Opens with Federer's success at Wimbledon in 2012 being his only Grand Slam triumph over the past three seasons.

His parents were the ones who really kept me from liking Novak.  I'm trying to 'distance' them from him and not hold what they say against him.  I think they are a little 'nutty'...but hey, to each his own.

When parents get involved, the thing turn ugly as usual. Let player make comment by themselve. Thank you very much.
Surely, it will not make a lot of fans happy.  ://

As a Nole fan I'm asking you one thing. Could we separate what his silly dad said from what Djokovic never said.

I just posted this on MTF and I'll re post it here.

"Nole said nothing, his father is babbling some sh!t, yet Nole gets accused of whatever.

same with Uncle Toni and Nadal. The Uncle said so many stupid things, I won't even go there. The Big Mom Judy also had her moments.

then a crazy Dokic's father who literally destroyed her career ... Richard Williams with all of his 'deep interviews' about Serena and Venus (everyone hates us, racists, blah)... Shaprapova's dad acting as a lunatic ... Tomic's dad being banned from even attending his matches etc. and so on and so on ...

I think our parents love us too much sometimes and it's not always a healthy thing .

Djokovic, last time he got pissed at his parents (for talking silly stuff), didn't let them be at his matches for almost 2 years. I don't think his daddy will be allowed to talk next 2 years  :gleam:."

I'll just add one thing. His dad is not doing him any favor with statements like this. like shut up, go fishing, golfing, travel ... your son made gazilions of $$$ and he is sharing it with you. why BS about other players?

His statements aren't any less valid because people don't like the content! This is normal behavior! The same thing happened with Chris and Martina way back when! As long as Evert was winning and beating Navratilova, they could play doubles and be close friends! Evert admitted she had to distance herself when the tide turned, so this is nothing new! It happens again and again; even with the best of friends and families! There's a pecking order that has to be observed and it's usually one-sided until they reach maturity and time has passed! Chris and Martina are better now, but while she ruled from '82-'87, there was a lot of animus and vitriol we didn't even hear about!


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