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Happy 32nd Birthday Roger Federer

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Happy B'day Roger Federer !!
Roger Federer turns 32 today but when he made his ‪‎DavisCup‬ debut in 1999 who would have guessed that he would go on to become the most successful male tennis player of all time?

Incase, you've been living under a surprisingly large rock :

Pour your B'day wishes for the king here !! :king: :)) :)) :))

Federer is currently practising at cincinnati. Here's a recent pic :

Roger Federer Repertory: The Forehand

All the best to Roger and his fans.  :yay: :harp: :toot: :Happy-Birthday!:

This probably needs a new thread. This is amazing.

In case you've been living under a rock of late, witness here the account one fan shares at about her experience meeting and speaking with one Roger Federer.

The greatest player in men's tennis history is certainly experiencing travails of his his own recently on the tennis court, having been smote by an array of the ATP World Tour's relative character actors. But his career follies in 2013—yea, most all of our shortcomings—pale in comparison to those of Beatriz Tinoco, a 17-year-old Maryland resident who, if you didn't get acquainted with her in the past six days, you simply must do so now.

It's no wonder that Federer, famously christened at one point the most respected and trusted person in the world save Nelson Mandela, would operate in this way with a vulnerable but yearning young fan. It's a gorgeous story, and judging by the response that Mashable has had to this feature, this marks one of those times when the denizens of social media got it right. This is a tale that deserves to spread like the wind. Beatriz deserves it.

So this is why Haas retired yesterday, so he can have some of that b-day cake. He can't be late for that dinner party!  ..-)

Happy B-day to Fed ;-()


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