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Anyone played Topspin on the XBOX?

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Recently played Topspin tennis game on the Xbox having been wiating to try it out for sometime and its turned out to be a bit of disappointment. In the 4 years since the second Virtua Tennis title came out on the Dreamcast, tennis games have not moved on at all, and the reviews for Topspin claimed that it surpassed Virtua tennis. It feels to me that Topspin takes a lot of the 'easy to pick up for newcomers' elements of Virtua Tennis and adds in unrealistic elements like a 'risk shot' which is an interesting concept, but really contributes to the untennis like feel to the game because these shots are really hard to keep in and impossible to return if your AI opponent hits them. Other problems include the ridiculously high bounce of the topspin shots and the articficial unintelligene of the computer opponents who reveal where they are going to serve by their service motion stance. Its just disappointing that after all this time Virtua Tennis is still the benchmark for tennis games.  Compare this to Konami's football (or soccer) simulation called Pro Evolution Soccer 4 which has to be the most realistic simulation of any sport ever. I guess the sales of Tennis games just don't justify pouring a huge amount of R and D into making an amazing one, unlike soccer games.

Top spin does have some good points though:

Pete Sampras' serve, the greatest motion of all time, has been recreated perfectly, as has his beard.
The graphics are good (but this is the least important aspect of a game in my opinion)
A wide variety of different serve types can be employed (flat, kicker, slice and risk)- this could not be done in Virtua Tennis

I've also played Smash Court Tennis 2 on the PS2 and thought that became boring very quickly.

Anyone else played the game and care to agree/disagree with my opinions?

I have never played those games, but wouldn't mind trying.  Games are addicting to me.  I used to play Quake 2 WOD online in deathmatch.  I would play about 3+ hours per day. and I even got to #1 in the world on the ranking system.  I am nto good at doing things in small bits.  I had to go cold turkey just over a year ago to get away from Quake.

Can you play dubs in that game?  With your partner sitting next to you on the controls?

Yeah, you can play doubles if you have four controllers because the XBOX has 4 controller ports. More interesting though is the online features for the game where you can play against others online and be a part of the online  world rankings.  Maybe the game is actually better for this purpose rather than playing against the computer.

I find that most games are better for the online use when there is that option.  If I could get online and play I would never stop.

I've got Topspin. You can't turn off vibrations online,so.. It messes with my more topspin for me!

its good game though


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