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which sites to join?
« on: September 09, 2013, 01:07:27 PM »
Hi everyone - I'm a long-time tennis follower and new member to this site.  I am excited to be able to download some of the many great matches that I see posted.  I have quite a few matches as well; if I can learn how to chop them up and post them (is there a FAQ or Dummies-style guide for this?), I'll happily share what I have.

My question is:  should I be signing up for membership with each and every one of the many upload/download sites that I see used?  I'm talking about, mega, etc.  This could get unwieldy very quickly.  I wasn't sure if there was some kind of shortcut or membership that covered all of the upload/download sites.

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Re: which sites to join?
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2013, 02:46:56 PM »
We usually don't encourage posts without matches listed but I think the topic is interesting enough to let it roll for a while and see the responses.

I use several free sites that also have nearly immediate downloads. I like the convenience of uploading on them, and like the fact that they are easy to download from.

Rapidshare used to be my very favorite. They gave points for your subscription for every download that someone did of your files. I had over a year of points - a year's free subscription - when they closed the doors, reopened (deleted it all!) without any bonuses or additions. And now your files are deleted 30 days after the last download. But it is still a very fast download, and I can upload matches there that some other sites don't allow.

The new Mega is great. It has a 50GB limit per email account but no time period. I've uploaded a lot of matches there.

Deposit files is good but has an upper limit of 3GBs per file.

If you want to compare many sites, you can go to, which shows, oh, twenty or so sites.

Welcome here, and good luck (and post some of your matches!).