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Marion Bartoli retires (ends career)

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Orange Wombat:

Shocking  :scared:

yeah, this came out of nowhere. She was a very unorthodox player. I wish her luck.

Just saw this on TV, really came out of the blue.

Well, gl to her I spouse.

Yeah, I saw that as it happened. I was like "Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!!" It was very odd and out of the blue. I guess she went out with a bang, though, having won Wimbledon just before that.

i think Marion is really very unique and she is not greedy for monies. I read that she did not even have a sponsor even though she had achieved quite a lot. I guess she is now/will have lots of sponsors since she just won wimby. Bravo of her ability to resist these temptations. Wish you good luck, never liked her tennis but she won my respect after the wimby  :king:


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