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Hey all,
This is my first journal so i decided to keep it normal and introduce myself before any further discussion

Age: 12
Current Res: NJ
Hight: 5 Ft
Weight:110 lb.
Dominant hand: Right

Started Playing: 2008
Playing Style: Not consistent. When I am felling on fire, I play very well but that "fire" is short term. Improving but still a lot of work to be done.
Forehand: One Hand, relatively flat, I try to put topspin( much easier with my new racquet)
Backhand: Two Hand, some topspin, nothing amazing but very solid and reliable.

My skill varies from time to time, but here is a overview of ho I play(1 being horrible. 10 being Varsity worthy)
Forehand: 7 ( needs more consistency)
Backhand: 6 (consistent but needs more versatility)
Volleys: 7(I need more confidence to approach the net but when I do, it is excellent.) 
Serves: 8 (Probably the best part of my game. Has required power, needs directional control)
Footwork/Speed: 5 (Footwork is on and off and I'm pretty slow =()

Racquet: Babolat Aeropro Drive GT
Strings: Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 Gauge
Tension: 55 lb.

Thats about it,
I look foreword to keep adding to this thread(Which will probably be tomorrow or the next time I play tennis)

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Heading out to play tennis now  :grind dance:

i just played today for about 2 hours. Today was definitely not my best day. Though my backhand was on fire today, I had trouble getting into position to hit a forehand and volley. I feel like I need to not be so lay and start really moving around the court.
Some key points to improve are:
1) Better footwork
2) Versatility-be able to hit any kind of shot from anywhere intentionally
3) Proper form. I tend to get lazy with my forehand because I know that I can power through and hit it without good form but that is not right.

Today was not my best day and I know that I can do much better. Partly it is mental, partly it is physical and I need improving in both aspects.

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Soooo, Today I played 2 sets with my bro and what can I say? I lost 6-1 6-0 which is horrible. I really needed to unload on the balls but i tightened up and lost. When we were warming up, i felt like I was playing really good and my ground-strokes were amazing. When It came to the match, I basically lobbed every ball even if I had a perfect winner opportunity because I was scared that I would miss it. All in all, I had a pretty good day but I need to loosen up in match situations.



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