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Nice  :cool:
It all comes to practice. Even the wall can help. Everytime I can't go and hit with my dad(who's still great at his age) or anyone else I simply go for a 2hour session against the wall. It can help tremendously.
However I had trouble with over-hitting so when I went on the court I was too aggressive and it's easy to send it wide if you put too much power on the wall practice.

You guys must be enjoying your time on the courts! Keep us posted  :))

Ahhhhh, The Wall!
Excellent advice LugMan!
The Wall is awesome as long as you don't over do it.
Some great players who used The Wall to hone their skills include Borg :hushed tones: and Seles.
The challenge for me hitting against The Wall was the footwork.

Here's a quick clip illustrating some basic Wall hitting.

Backboard or Hitting Wall Tennis Lesson

Notice just how many shots he gets to hit in a very short time!
Beware of over doing it!!!  Great way to hurt yourself is by hitting too hard or for too long.  10 min. max to start until you develop the muscles.

Also a great time to work on feeling the ball and finding the sweet spot consistently. :)

...and of course, my all-time favorite Wall drill-
The Smash rally

Tennis Overhead Drill

Nole should add this one to his warm-up and cool-down routines.

Make sure you get the grip right!!!!!!!

The site contains useful material The most common ones

Every time I hit with a wall, I find myself using more and more spin and "net clearance" as I subconsciously try to hit over the wall! Anyone else get that?


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