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If Federer is still on tour when Nadal wins 17+ slams, imagine the media hype :0

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Who knows, Rafa might hit #17 at next year's U.S. Open!


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--- Quote from: TheLogo on September 09, 2013, 08:33:58 PM ---THis was it.  I said it before, if Rafa won this tournament it changes EVERYTHING.

His confidence is going to be through the roof and he is still as sure of a thing as a lock as there is in tennis at the french.  Hopefullly Uncle Tony lets the guy get some rest now.  Doesn't need to beat those knees anymore.  Just rest up and wait for the Aussie Open!

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I remember when he won the Us Open in 2010 , I thought for sure he was going to win the 2011 AO  , but  then he got hurt in the match vs Ferrer,  so I think its just better enjoy every single win while it lasts, so his next goal should be to get that numero uno position, and then the WTF

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Yeah, I am enjoying Rafa's play tremendously.  ANd you are right that it could end at any time. I just really hope they don't overdue it with him coming back and going for that #1.  I rather see a healthy, rested Nadal at #2 entering the Aussie then a tired, worn out Nadal @ #1.

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I would as well, but considering he's never gotten the WTF title before, I fully could see him going all out for it.


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