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Need your advice about choosing a good tennis shoes



Hello guys ,
I bought a HEAD Solcourt shoe shown below :

[url]]] [url]
The shoe is comfortable but after a while i found out  that it is not durable enough and it is starting to get damage.
Now i am thinking about buying a new shoe and i need your advice about this yonex shoe for clay courts shown below :

I saw Wawrinka wearing this shoe and i liked it , Please i need your advice and if it is not the proper shoe will you please tell me what is the best shoe for clay courts ?

you should take into account a list of things before you purchase tennis shoes, such as what type of foot you have (pronated/supinated/neutral), what areas wear the most (toe cap if you drag your toes), your play style, and a number of other factors

here's a great guide on picking the best tennis shoes:


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