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Can Nadal Take His First WTF This Year?

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With the semifinals of the US Open closing in, Nadal is by far the best hard court player of this year. Murray has gone out before the semis of every hard court event he's played in this summer, and has looked rather substandard since his Wimbledon victory. Nole has also been on the lackluster side this summer, losing early in both Montreal and Cincy (one of those losses coming to none other than Nadal himself). And Federer has had a pretty poor year all around. These would always be the main hurdles for Nadal to overcome because of their more capable hard court games. But this year, Nadal has shaped his game around the hard courts and proven himself to be extremely capable on them. With the others being vulnerable and Nadal looking stronger than ever, can he finally overcome one of the major obstacles of his career?

I hope so...
It's really about time

Sure, why not? Federer has been the one to stand in his way many times, he has beaten everyone else there, and Fed is not looking like a title candidate atm.

Its obvious that Nadal can win the WTF. In 2010 he made the FINAL of the WTF and took a set from Federer. Clearly Nadal's best hardcourt tennis (which he now is playing) can win the WTF. In 2010 WTF he beat Djokovic and Murray.

Clay Death:

its not happening and it doesn't matter anyway.
not for the clay warrior. he needs his health and he needs to be ready for 2014. that is more important than to wreck the knees on indoor hard courts.

let nole, andy, and roger fight for WTF.


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