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Clay Death:
find your inner gladiator at The Arena at Tennis4you.
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Clay Death:
memo to general slasher and general masterclass:
generals this is to be a 250,000 post thread. I shall be most grateful if you can sticky it.
this is one volume, 250,000 post thread. there will be NO additional volumes. this is the only and the final volume for the arena.
we will retire it at 250,000 posts and start a new project.

Clay Death:

Clay Death:
September 6, 2013, 2:11 pm 3 Comments  The Power of Positive Thinking Doesn’t Fail Wawrinka By GEOFF MACDONALD  Uli Seit for The New York TimesStanislas Wawrinka celebrated his victory over Andy Murray at the United States Open. Tattooed on Stanislas Wawrinka’s left forearm is a quotation that sums up his philosophy of life. It’s from Samuel Beckett, whose writings dealt with the struggle to find meaning in a bleak, nihilistic universe. Written on his arm in blue script: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better.”
“It’s my vision of my job and my life in general,” Wawrinka said. “In tennis, as you know, if you are not Roger or Rafa and Djokovic or Andy now, you don’t win so many tournaments and you always lose. But you need to take the positive of the loss and you need to go back to work.”
He added, “It’s that simple.”
Nothing was very simple Thursday for Wawrinka’s opponent, the reigning United States Open champion, Andy Murray, who looked like the negative, anguished Murray of old as he whined and gestured toward his box, looking as though losing to Wawrinka was surely killing him. It was disappointing to watch. Like many tennis fans, I have rooted hard for Murray to slay his personal demons and realize his considerable potential.
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