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Andys bff:
With the ATP finals coming up I was wondering what tennis fans were thinking about who will win.  :confused1:
Sooooo vote away!!!!  :king:

Murray and Nole have looked a little out of it. Rafa on the other hand has looked stronger than ever. I think he'll finally be able to take it this year.

I voted Nadal if nothing changes.
Right now Nadal is the best HC player and he's wanted this tournament for so long.

Andys bff:
Ps: rafa816, Rafael was the first to qualify for the wtf because he had no points to loose due to his absence last year.

WTF Qualification has to do with the Race, aka the fact that he had no points to lose was irrelevant. He was the first to qualify because he dominated. He racked up some points in South America before bursting back on the scene with 4 straight Master's finals (winning 3 of them) and the French Open.


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