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Humans, progress and the future.

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I only introduced Napoleon's quote because it sounded so similar to what I said here.

--- Quote from: Babblelot on September 20, 2013, 08:21:14 PM ---Karma is something that rich people invented to make poor people feel better about themselves, if only for a brief moment.

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--- Quote from: jesse james on September 26, 2013, 05:38:40 PM ---
...the inherent dangers of rampant secularism, don't you?

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This sounds like Churchspeak.
Go on...

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I am very optimistic for the future, technology wise.
We have voyagers leaving the solar system. Only 80 years ago, we didn't know that the universe is expanding, and around that time we believed there's only one galaxy only to learn there are around 200 billion galaxies. And multiverse is yet another theory.

Yes we are sickened by the wars, lame politics and religion but if we look back what we achieved in last few decades technology wise, there's optimism right there.
Of course it's incredible and terrible that we still spend much much more money on wars than space exploration and on our way to find more about ourselves but I see hope for future generation of explorers.

As for our present and everyday life on Earth I see no progress at all. Turn on the TV and you'll see mindless reality shows, war, death, hunger, marketing etc etc. All purposefully and unfortunately succesfully brainwashing the masses.
There's almost no moral left within the civilization. We have false sense of democracy while I simply don't see it.

But after all there's always hope.  ..-)

I am very concerned about the future especially because of the development of technology. Its developing faster and faster and this can lead to results we can not control for example: Technological unemployment, Complete Surveillance and so forth


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