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Serve troubleshooting


Hit again today and had problems with my serve consistancy.  Had my ass handed to me 6-2 6-3.  Anyway my main problem it seems is that I'm not fully extending into the ball and sometimes hit it too low, which makes for an erratic "scrunched up" serve.  Any help or tips to force myself to straighten my arm on contact and not hit with a beny elbow?

From what you tell me the only thing I can picture would be that your toss could be too low?  That would force you to be crunched up and not fully extended...  Either that or you are jumping like 4 feet off of the ground.  :)

Does it feel like your toss could be low?

Ideally the toss needs to be high enough that when you jump up to the serve and are at FULL STRETCH to strike the ball it should be standing still.  ie:  not moving up or down.  I know you are by far and away not a beginner so I am sure yo uknow that already, but sometimes it is good to review, even for me.  Heck, maybe even for McIll.   ://

Let me know if that feels like part of the problem, if not we can trouble shoot some more.  Maybe the toss is high enough but you are letting it drop before you hit it...

I think my toss is just a bit erratic.  Today, unlike on monday, I never really focused on getting my tosses to a specific spot, which I guess is a mistake.  Also, after my motion (basic platform stance), I would sometimes land on my right leg, even though my motion normally ends with me takeing a hop (while hitting the ball) and landing on my left leg.  Weird eh?

Yeah sounds a little weird.  You doing some kind of ballet out there while you are serving?  Make sure your weight is moving forward.  Maybe watch Mr Pete Sampras serve a few time here...

Here, watch this 400 times and you will cured.  

What I do not want you doing is thinking about all the mechanics involved when tying to hit the serve.  There is too much to think about.  Just toss that ball up there and jump yor a$$ off and smack the crap out of it.


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