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ATP KUALA LUMPUR, 250: 9/21-9/29, 2013


Top Seeds:

1.  Ferrer, D.
2. Wawrinka, S.
3. Alagro, N.
4. Melzer, J.
5. Benneteau, J.
6 Tursunov, D.
7. Pospisil, V
8. Davydenko, N

First round results:  Delbonis d Chung 64 62
Mannarino d Brands 63 64

I hope Wawrinka can do well here, and I'm also supporting Pospisil.

Pospisil bit the dust,alas,but Wawrinka is still there, after a 3 set  QF against Tursonov.

Ferrer was ousted by someone I don't know anything about - Sousa.   

Singles QF Results:

J Sousa   defeats    D Ferrer   62 76(6)
S Wawrinka   defeats    D Tursunov   26 63 76(3)   
J Benneteau   defeats   A  Mannarino   63 63   
J Melzer   defeats   F Delbonis   63 62   

Blast! My man Wawrinka was sent packing in straights by Benneteau! 

And the unknown (to me) defeater of Ferrer marches on by beating Melzer.

I'll wish both men good luck. Sousa  because he's the underdog & it would be a nice story for an unknown player to win an ATP title.   Benneteau because as far as I'm aware, he has yet to win an ATP title, despite having a good game.     

This is a really well contested final - both Sousa & Benneteau playing well in the 3rd set.

Sousa is a revelation, great attitude & belief, and he plays a fast, attacking game.  Benneteau is a good player, and I've enjoyed some of his forehands/volley's.  JS holds after a tough challenge to go up 5-3.

JB holds, and  JS to serve for his first ATP title. Can he hold his nerve & game to win it?

EDIT : And JS wins it !!  What a story - he's played superbly all week,ousting the world number 4 and taking the second set despite being match point down.  He's the first Portuguese player to ever win an ATP title. Congratulations to him.  I'll be keeping an eye on him.

I feel sorry for JB, who could have won this match in straight sets to get his first ATP title, but didn't.     


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