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ATP BANGKOK 250, 9/21-9/29, 2013

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1.  Berdych, T.
2. Gasquet, R.
3. Raonic, M.
4. Simon, G.
5. Youzhny, M.
6. Lopez, F.
7. Nieminen, J.
8. Rosol, L.

First round results:

Haase d Gimeno-Traver 62 64
Sijsling d Nieminen 63 76(2)
Lopez d Djere 63 63

Whilst unlikely, I'm hoping Gasquet can defend his title here. If not him, then I'll opt for Lopez or Youzny.  Most likely though, it'll be Berdych.

My man Gasquet is still there & through to the SF!   :)
Lopez & Youzny, though, got their marching orders,with Youzny taking Gasquet to 3 sets. Lu seems to have given Berdych a good match.    Simon seems to be enjoying his tennis, no doubt buoyed up with his win in Metz.

Both SF's should be interesting- good luck to Raonic & Gasquet!   

Singles QF results:

M Raonic   defeats   F Lopez   64 63
T Berdych   defeats   Y Lu   76(7) 64   
R Gasquet   defeats   M Youzhny   57 63 61   
G Simon   defeats   J  Sijsling   64 57 64   

Damn Gasquet lost.

Hoping Berdych will do the job now!

Too bad I couldn't watch any match except Berdych's QF match as I have some stuff going on in life that's keeping me away..


--- Quote from: Lugburz on September 28, 2013, 09:54:10 AM ---Damn Gasquet lost.

--- End quote ---

This sums up my view too!    And "real life" is indeed oblivious to one's hopes for watching tennis.  :)

So - oooh!la!la!  Both Frenchman shown the door. Mind you, it was another 3 set adventure for RG, and he did well to stay focused to get to the SF.   
I'm not for / against either Berdych or Raonic but will favour MR as the underdog.

SF Results:

 Berdych   defeats    Simon   67(5) 62 75   
 Raonic   defeats    Gasquet   36 75 64


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